All academics and students can use our enormous dataset for free.  We have so much data we will never be able to investigate it all.  If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, we would be happy to help.  Contact us in the first instance if you are interested in using our data. 

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Qualitative Data

We have qualitative data from 179 participants who wrote over 4,000 responses relating to:

What North American Millennials like or dislike about every single fundamental and why.  They were also asked if they felt each fundamental was important or unimportant, and if they felt each was relevant or irrelevant and why.

Quantitative Data

We have quantitative data from over 700 participants who completed our 90 question survey, which was developed from the qualitative responses above.  This landmark dataset investigates a number of sociocultural, religious, and demographic issues that have not been investigated previously in a Millennial population.  Quantified into a spreadsheet suitable for SPSS and other statistical packages, relevant portions of this dataset are available to approved research proposals.