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Jan Sigvartsen is the founder and director of ClergyEd.com, which provides free and at-cost resources and services  to academics and students of ministry disciplines around the world.  He is also author of ExegesisPaper.com, which is currently the most visited site on the internet relating to how to write scholarly exegesis papers and receives over 3,000 visits every month.  Jan has worked as an adjunct professor at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary and the Religion and Biblical Languages Department at Andrews University.  He is currently concluding his PhD (Religion) at Andrews University where his dissertation topic is investigating the use of the Tanakh if the development of the resurrection concept in the literature of Second Temple Period and Early Rabbinic Judaism.  Jan also spent two years studying at Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a Visiting Research Fellow.  His MA (Religion) thesis was an analysis of Genesis 49:22-26 to determine if, and to what extent, there is a Messianic/Eschatological significance of the Joseph blessing as it was expressed by Jacob.  Copies of prior research are available upon request.  

Leanne Sigvartsen  Webpage

Leanne Sigvartsen holds bachelor, post graduate and masters qualifications in Psychology and Counseling and is currently deferred from a PhD in Religion.  She possesses professional experience in developing and reviewing accredited vocational training courses which met competency based learning requirements and assessment protocols for registered training organizations in Australia.  She has designed and project managed a number of research projects including the Sex and Sensibility study which quantitatively and qualitatively investigated sexist and socio-cultural attitudes in a sample of 800+ Seventh-day Adventists.  

Her Master of Counseling (Research) thesis quantitatively investigated sexism levels of helping professionals to determine their potential efficacy in rehabilitating youth who had been sexually harassed in the workplace.  She has formerly worked as an executive recruitment consultant, a human resources officer, and as an employee relations consultant where she specialized in the treatment of youth and young adults who had experienced workplace events of disempowerment such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, unfair dismissal and discrimination.  As a part of this position she also worked with employers facilitating and reviewing vocational training programs, providing training regarding sexual harassment/bullying, undertaking mass redundancy outplacement programs, policy consultation, employee relations programs, and executive stress management.

Paul Petersen  Webpage

Paul Petersen is currently the Chair of the Religion and Biblical Languages Department at Andrews University.  He completed his BA and MA in Religion in Copenhagen, Denmark.  His major thesis focused on the hymns in the Book of Revelation.  Paul received his PhD from Andrews University and his doctoral dissertation investigated the prayers of Daniel.  He has also served as a youth leader, jounior college pastor, and Conference President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Denmark.  He has also worked as a theological consultant for the South Pacific Division and a liaison for ministerial education at Avondale College, Australia, Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea, and other institutions.  He has also preached and taught in many places in Australia and the Pacific Islands.  Paul's areas of specialty include Daniel, the Trinity, and Biblical prayers.