Beyond Beliefs 2 - Snapshot (RRP $29.99)

A comprehensive snapshot of what Seventh-day Adventist Millennial Young Adults really think regarding current social, behavioral, and religious issues.   Based on a major research project undertaken by and the Religion and Biblical Languages Department at Andrews University, this report explores over 100 current issues including gay marriage, spiritual influence, ghosts, early baptism, knowledge of the 28 Beliefs of Adventism, church attendance, apostasy, creation, efficacy of youth programs, and the ordination of women.  This is a  crucial resource for every parent, minister, and educator.


Beyond Beliefs 1 - Respond RRP $99.98)

1,200 pages - in two volumes, available August 2015

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A major finding of the Beyond Beliefs study was that people often hypothesize and write commentary about what Millennials think (and make decisions for them) without even talking to them first.  Don’t just guess at what Millennials really think or believe about Adventism, sociocultural issues, behavioral issues, and a range of religious topics...KNOW.  Read nearly 5,000 responses from Millennial young adults and learn how they really feel about every single one of the 28 Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  These responses also reveal their attitudes towards some associated topics like nepotism, inequality, integrity among church leadership, hell, ordination of women, gender roles, gender identity, early baptism, and lifestyle choices - just to name a few.


Beyond Beliefs 1 - Results

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This 254 page report identifies if Seventh-day Adventist Millennial young adults really know the 28 Beliefs of their faith.  It also individually discusses what young adults like/dislike about each and every belief, if they think a belief is important/unimportant, and relevant/irrelevant to young adults.  It also systematically outlines where each belief is succeeding with Millennial young adults and where there may be room for a different approach in presenting beliefs. 

Beyond Beliefs 1 - Full Report (RRP $49.99)

This 454 page report includes all the information, including graphs, charts, and tables included in the Beyond Beliefs 1 - Results report. In the interests of transparency, the full report also contains all 920 150+ word responses supplied by young adult participants in Cohort 1.    

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Beyond Beliefs 1 - Executive Brief (RRP $9.99 - Kindle)

This 54 page report provides a concise overview of the major findings of the Beyond Beliefs study, Phase 1.  This brief is contained in both the Beyond Beliefs 1 - Results and Beyond Beliefs 1 - Full Report publications.  Available in Kindle only. 

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Millennial Young Adults and their responses to the Ordination of Women (Free)

This report was prepared for the The Sixth Annual Andrews University Celebration of Research, October 2014; The ASRS Conference, November 21, 2014; The ATS Conference November 22, 2014; and the 11th Annual Seminary Scholarship Symposium, February 2015.

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Millennial Young Adults and their responses to Creation (Free)

This report was prepared for the The Sixth Annual Andrews University Celebration of Research, October 2014; The ASRS Conference, November 21, 2014; The ATS Conference November 22, 2014; and the 11th Annual Seminary Scholarship Symposium, February 2015.

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Poster Report (13 Pages)  

Early Baptism (Free)

The Beyond Beliefs 1 (Cohort 1) and Beyond Beliefs 2 (Cohorts 2-6) studies, identified that there may be an unforeseen consequence of early baptism, in that young adults possess a limited knowledge of the official 28 Beliefs of Adventism and factors other than personal conviction contribute to their decision to be baptized prior to age 14.  A number of participants expressed negative feelings relating to the practice of early baptism and 65.16% of those baptized prior to age 14 expressed that if they could do it again, they would have waited until they were older to be baptized.  Respect for a person's spiritual walk, regardless of their age was a theme that resonated with Millennial young adults.  Paternalism, factors that made a Millennial young adult not regret their early baptism, and the potential implementation of an alternative practice for children, tweens, and early teens, other than baptism, are discussed in this ground breaking report.

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Peer Ministry (Free)

What do Millennials really think of University chapel services?  Do they even go to church on a university campus like Andrews University where there are a range of services for them presented by highly trained youth ministers?  Who most influences young adults spiritually?

Using the Beyond Beliefs 2 data, this free 20 page report addresses the serious issue of youth ministers being perceived by young adults as possessing very little spiritual influence.  It also addresses the apparent inefficacy of Chapel services at Andrews University during the 2013-2014 academic year in teaching Millennials the 28 Beliefs of Adventism.  A highly interactive competency based learning General education class taught during the same academic year was found to be profoundly more efficacious in both teaching the 28 Beliefs of Adventism to Millennial young adults.  

This report challenges the traditional approach to youth ministry programs - where an older person talks and they just passively listen (despite the "contemporaryness" of the programs format).   It suggests an entirely different approach to Millennial youth ministry may be timely. 

The Beyond Beliefs study is a solution focused study, especially when our data reveals findings we may not have expected.  Part 2 (10 pages) of this free report provides one possible solution for addressing the issues identified by the Beyond Beliefs 2 data relating to ministry to Millennial young adults.  It also includes a little known story of successful peer ministry that we uncovered in the Adventist Archives when we were conducting research to see if our suggested solution had any historical merit.

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The Trinity (Free)

How do Seventh-day Adventist Millennials really feel about the Trinity?  Do they believe in one God with three parts, three separate beings, or something else entirely different?  Are they confused?  Do they prefer one of the Trinity members over another?  This report investigates these issues and concludes with aspects Millennial young adults found beneficial regarding the Trinity belief and identifies problematic areas to address.  It also raises several discussion topics that may be pertinent to Millennial young adults and assist
them in understanding a Trinity belief.

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Gay Marriage (Free)

How do Seventh-day Adventist Millennials really feel about gay marriage?  Are they in support of it?  Do they think it is wrong according to the Bible?  How informed are they with relation to LGBT issues?  The Beyond Beliefs study asked 468 young adults aged between 18 and 32 their views on gay marriage with some noteworthy results.  This six page article does not endeavor to support one side of the debate or the other, but rather, objectively reports the responses of the Millennial Beyond Beliefs participants.

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